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The 130th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - our Gabriel was there!


Wow!  What an exciting WKC for us this year.  While we have traveled to New York City for several years to enjoy the Westminster show and visit with friends, this is the first year Tivin Standard Poodles had an entry there.  And how much more exciting and enjoyable that made it all become!  After driving through a blizzard, and record snowfall for NYC, we arrived at the Garden and unloaded all our equipment.  Sandy Talbot, Gideon's co-owner, along with her friend Jane Clark, Danielle Pesko of Lauris, and myself, Chris Scruggs, made it into the city along with the showboy himself, Gabriel,  without mishap.  Thanks to Sandy, who gamely drove her Trailblazer through blinding snow, and Derrick Pesko, who drove Danielle to meet us, the four of us made our way to 7th Avenue.

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Gabriel and Danielle in the ring

What an impressive line up!

Gabriel and Danielle on the move Gabriel and Rusty - a handsome apricot from Lidos


Unloading and making it up to the benching area went without incident, and finding a place in grooming the next morning was aided by a good Samaritan who was leaving and nicely offered us his spot.  Danielle did a fabulous job scissoring and spraying up Gabriel and we were off to the breed ring.  In a nail biting sequence, judge Mr. Ken McDermott chose Gabriel (Am Can Ch Tivin Colours of the Wind) as one of his final four selections amongst the dogs, along with four equally beautiful bitches. 


Gabriel and the judge On the move One of four (can't see the last one) Danielle stacking Gabriel


The competition was tough, and Danielle was the only non-professional handler left in the ring!  While Gabriel did not receive a ribbon, we are very proud of his and Danielle's performance and quality, exemplified by his selection amongst the finals in the breed.


Getting it just so The final four boys! Gabriel and Donny

A heartfelt thank you to Danielle for her stunning handling job and to Gabriel for his tremendous presence and quality! Also, congratulations to Ann Rairigh and Ch Litilann's Picture This, a beautiful bitch and winner of BOV along with a Non-sporting Group 4 at the Garden.

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