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All articles have been published in either Poodle Variety, Poodle Review, or the Scandinavian Poodle Magazine.  All articles are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission from the author or the editor. 

Genetic Analysis: The Benefits of Informed Decision-Making

Genetic Inheritance Patterns

Maximizing Conception

Genetic Diseases in Poodles

Stud Dog Fertility

Brood Bitch Fertility

DNA Testing

Breeders vs Veterinarian

Designer Dogs

OFA vs PennHIP - Comparing/Contrasting Methods

Tufts Genetics Conference 2005

Update on Addison's disease

Allergic Dermatitis Part 1 - Atopy

Allergic Dermatitis Part 2 - Otitis

Allergic Dermatitis Part 3 - Food Allergy

Allergic Dermatitis Part 4 - Skin parasites

Genotype vs Phenotype

PRA in Toy Poodles

Genotype vs Phenotype 2

Sire of Significance: Bam Bam

Addison's Disease in Poodles


Sebaceous Adenitis - Poodle Variety Stud Dog Issue 2008

Dwarfism in Miniature Poodles - Poodle Variety Handler's Issue 2009

"Speaking for Spot" Book Review - Poodle Variety Handler's Issue 2009


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