Tivin Standard Poodles

A Higher Standard of Excellence

Ch Lauris Tivin Incantation

(Ch Prestige I'll Do Anything x Ch Tivin Angel in D'Skies at Lauris)

Date of birth: September 30, 2004

Christian has finished his championship with a 4 and 5 point major all owner-handled by Danielle! He has a face to die for, angles in all the right places, and a joyous temperament to go with his looks. He is also the father of Halo's litter - fatherhood and finishing his title all in whirlwind fashion.  He will be starting his specials career in the summer, so tune in for more exciting updates!  He lives with his owners and breeders, Danielle and Derrick Pesko, also in Connecticut.

Genetic testing :   PennHIP 60%, OFA Good,  vWD DNA normal, Neonatal Encephalopathy carrier, SA normal, thyroid normal, CERF clear.  CHIC number 35398. 

Health issues:




Progeny data:

Number of litters 1 SA normal  
Number of sires 1 SA equivocal/subclinical  
Number of puppies 6 SA affected  
Number of males 5 Bloat  
Number of females 1 Entropian  
Black puppies   Epilepsy  
Cream or white puppies 6 Allergic dermatitis  
American Champions   Addison's disease  
Canadian Champions   Cushing's disease  
Performance titles   Autoimmune thyroiditis  
OFA Excellent   Juvenile renal disease  
OFA Good   vWD  
OFA Fair   Cryptorchid males  
Dysplastic (DJD)   Progressive retinal atrophy  
PennHIP > 50%   Patent ductus arteriosis  
PennHIP < 50%   Cerebellar disease  
CERF normal   Lupus  
CERF other   Micropthalmia  


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