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Am Can Ch Tivin Colours of the Wind

(Ch Alias Just Give Me That Wink x Ch Tivin Rainbow Skye)

Date of birth: June 14, 2003

Gabriel is one of the sweetest boys we have ever raised at Tivin, and he passes on his fun-loving temperament and gentle nature to his children.  He is a very spoiled boy, sleeping on the bed at night and stealing food from the twins' plates when they aren't looking!  During his conformation career, he won multiple BOVs and Group 1 placements and made the final cut of 4 dogs (one of the final 8 dogs and bitches) at the 130th Westminster Kennel Club dog show.  He is currently training in agility and flyball, and we look forward to adding some more titles to the end of his name.  He has sired silver and blue puppies and is the father of a silver BOB winner in both the United States and Canada.  See the stud dog page for more information and pictures of Gabriel.

Genetic testing :   PennHIP 90%, OFA Good, SA normal, vWD DNA clear, neonatal encephalopathy DNA clear, JRD DNA carrier**, thyroid normal, CERF normal, echocardiogram normal. CHIC number 27933.

Health issues:  none

Click here for a link to the page for his puppies

Gabriel's testing is as follows:

OFA Good Tested October 6, 2005
PennHIP 90% Tested August 19, 2004
vWD DNA Clear Tested June 27, 2005
Neonatal Encephalopathy DNA Clear Tested August 1, 2006
Degenerative Myelopathy  DNA Normal Tested 2010
Thyroid Normal Tested 11/21/05, 12/8/06, 12/07
CERF Normal Tested 12/9/05, 12/8/06, 4/6/08
Sebaceous Adenitis Normal Tested 12/7/05, 10/18/06, 12/07

Juvenile Renal Disease DNA

carrier** Tested 2007


Normal Tested 6/25/07

**this is the Dogenes test which is controversial as to accuracy and/or interpretation, however since Gabriel was tested, we have published the result.

Progeny data:

Click here for a link to the page for his puppies

Number of litters 10 SA normal 4
Number of different dams 9 SA equivocal/subclinical 0
Number of puppies 69 SA affected 0
Number of males 44 Bloat 0
Number of females 35 Entropian 0
Black puppies 22 Epilepsy 0
Blue puppies 11 Allergic dermatitis 0
Cream or white puppies 41 Addison's disease 0
Silver puppies 3 Cushing's disease 0
American Champions 9 Autoimmune thyroiditis 0
Canadian Champions 6 Juvenile renal disease 0
Performance titles 0 vWD 0
OFA Excellent 2 Cryptorchid males 1
OFA Good 1 Progressive retinal atrophy 0
OFA Fair Patent ductus arteriosis 0
Dysplastic (DJD) 0 Neonatal encephalopathy 0
PennHIP > 50% 4 Lupus 0
PennHIP < 50% 0 Micropthalmia (congenital) 0
CERF normal 4 Cardiac normal (echocardiogram) 2
CERF other 0 Cardiac abnormal (echo) 0

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