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Ch Majessa Eternal Flame, CGC, NA

(Ch Ale Kai Always Ready x Majessa Carissima Lola)

September 28, 1994 - June 6, 2007

Haeley was the grand old lady of the house, and she ruled with a queenly attitude.  She was a top producer and finished her title in 1996 with multiple BOVs.  She also earned several performance titles and loved agility, chasing cats, and stealing food from the twins' dinner plates. She watched over 4 generations below her, including her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. 


Genetic testing :   PennHIP 60%, SA normal, vWD normal, thyroid normal, CERF normal

Health issues: 

epilepsy - first seizure at 4.5  years of age, has never been medicated, has 1-2 mild seizures per year. Normal blood chemistry and CBC at diagnosis, normal MRI at diagnosis. Was spayed after her first seizure.

squamous cell carcinoma - occurred on the fourth digit of her right front foot when she was 6 years old (July, 2000).  Digit was amputated which was curative.  No further recurrence at this time.  A blood sample from her has been sent to the Dana Mosher group who are researching the genetic basis of SCC in poodles.

discospondylosis - occurred in the thoracolumbar vertebrae in 2005.  She is on Cosequin (glucosamine) supplements and we stopped competing in agility.  She is on a weight control regimen to reduce stress on her back.  She has no clinical symptoms at this time.

matrical carcinoma - occurred on the skin in the right side by her shoulder.  The mass, which in appearance looked like a sebaceous cyst, was removed November, 2006.  Surgical margins were clean but prognosis is guarded for local recurrence.

Hepatic neoplasia - Haeley collapsed at home on June 5, 2007.  She was bleeding into her abdomen, and a tumor was suspected. Chris and her sister rushed Haeley to an emergency clinic in Rhode Island, where a board certified internal medicine specialist performed an abdominal ultrasound.  He found a large tumor which had invaded the liver and appeared to have affected the entire left lobe of the liver.  The tumor was actively bleeding.  Prognosis was poor, with the most likely diagnosis of hepatic hemangiosarcoma or carcinoma.  Due to her history of carcinoma, it is likely this was a metastatic, aggressive tumor.  Exploratory surgery and chemotherapy were recommended, with a likelihood of less than three months survival, and a high probability she would die on the surgical table during surgery.  Chris gave her a transfusion at home, spent the night with her sleeping in her arms, and put her to sleep the next morning in her favorite spot - lying on the couch in the sun. 

Chris also lost one of her aunts to cancer two days later.  I am sure they are together, along with all the special people and pets who have gone before, having crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We are planning a memorial garden in her name, and will plant a tree which blooms annually, along with a flower bed that will feature engraved plaques with the names of the special poodles in the Tivin/Teva homes.  These names include Haeley, Gideon, Jordan (When the Night Comes), Jesse, Cassie, and Miko.




Progeny data:

Number of litters 3 SA normal 3
Number of sires 2 SA equivocal/subclinical 0
Number of puppies 16 SA affected 0
Number of males 8 Bloat 2*
Number of females 8 Entropian 0
Black puppies 14 Epilepsy 2*
Blue puppies 2 Allergic dermatitis 0
Cream or white puppies 0 Addison's disease 0
American Champions 3 Cushing's disease 0
Canadian Champions 1 Autoimmune thyroiditis 0
Performance titles 0 Juvenile renal disease 0
OFA Excellent n/a*1 vWD 0
OFA Good n/a*1 Cryptorchid males 0
OFA Fair n/a*1 Progressive retinal atrophy 0
Dysplastic (DJD) 0 Patent ductus arteriosis 0
PennHIP > 50% 3 Cerebellar disease 0
PennHIP < 50% 0 Lupus 0
CERF normal 3 Micropthalmia (congenital) 1*
CERF other 0    

*same sire (not a Tivin dog) produced 1 puppy with micropthalmia, 1 puppy that bloated and 2 puppies that developed epilepsy.  The other episode of bloat was on November 3, 2007 - Dianna.  Please refer to her page for more information.

*1 All of Haeley's puppies used for breeding had hips evaluated through PennHIP, none evaluated through OFA.

Haeley is entered in a study on the genetic basis of squamous cell carcinoma in standard poodles.  She has submitted DNA samples for the study.  She has not passed this disease on to any of her offspring to this point.  Several of her offspring did exhibit signs of epilepsy, and were spayed or neutered rather than continuing in the breeding program at Tivin.

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