Tivin Standard Poodles

A Higher Standard of Excellence

Ch Tivin Lauris Wild Angel

(Ch Unique Reach for the Rainbow x Ch Tivin Spirit in the Sky)
Date of birth: January 20, 2004

Halo is the fifth and final champion for her mother, Dianna.  She lives at Lauris and finished her championship winning 4 majors, including three owner-handled by Danielle.  She has absolutely stunning movement and very correct structure.  Halo is looking forward to impending motherhood, with her first litter due in November. 

Genetic testing :   PennHIP 60%,  OFA Good, SA normal, vWD DNA clear, Neonatal encephalopathy carrier, thyroid normal, CERF normal.

Health issues:





Progeny data:

Number of litters 1 SA normal  
Number of sires 1 SA equivocal/subclinical  
Number of puppies 6 SA affected  
Number of males 5 Bloat  
Number of females 1 Entropian  
Black puppies 0 Epilepsy  
Cream or white puppies 6 Allergic dermatitis  
American Champions 1 Addison's disease  
Canadian Champions   Cushing's disease  
Performance titles   Autoimmune thyroiditis  
OFA Excellent   Juvenile renal disease  
OFA Good   vWD  
OFA Fair   Cryptorchid males  
Dysplastic (DJD)   Progressive retinal atrophy  
PennHIP > 50%   Patent ductus arteriosis  
PennHIP < 50%   Cerebellar disease  
CERF normal   Lupus  
CERF other   Micropthalmia (congenital)  


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