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Health information summary

Below is listed a summary of all the information on dogs bred under the Tivin name or with a Tivin sire from 1994 to present.  While some genetic problems have appeared, we have exercised due diligence in breeding away from issues such as epilepsy, etc.  and maintain that our puppies are as healthy as possible given limited genetic testing available and with extensive pedigree research.  Unfortunately, there is a wealth of information which breeders are reluctant to share, often because they are afraid of the possible backlash from puppy buyers or the purebred community in general.  When breeding in a black hole of information and innuendo, it is a difficult task to continue to breed healthy dogs.  Have there been times when we have had to change our breeding plans or stop breeding an individual altogether?  Yes.  Have there been times of disappointment between times of triumph? Yes.  Have we EVER shied away from our responsibility to the families or puppies we have produced under the Tivin name? Absolutely, unequivocally, no. 


*information still being compiled - this information is as current as possible.  The numbers will change over time as any new information is added.  Last updated July 7, 2012.

    % total (out of 212 puppies)**     % total     
Number of litters 32   SA normal 18 8%
Number of sires/dams 32   SA equivocal/subclinical 1 <1%
Number of puppies 240   SA affected 1 <1%
Number of males 120


Bloat 4  2%
Number of females 120


Entropian 3 1%
Black puppies 98


Epilepsy 3  1%
Blue puppies 24


Allergic dermatitis 3 2%
Cream or white puppies 110


Addison's disease 2 1%
Parti-color (blue w/cream) 1

< 1%

Cushing's disease 0 0%
Silver puppies 7


Autoimmune thyroiditis 0 <1%
American Champions 22


Renal disease* 1 <1%
Canadian Champions 11


vWD 0 0%
Performance titles 9


Cryptorchid males 0 0%
Other titles 2


Progressive retinal atrophy 0 0%
OFA Excellent 3


Patent ductus arteriosis 1 <1%
OFA Good 14


Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE) 2 1%
OFA Fair 0


Lupus 1 <1%
Dysplastic (DJD) 1

< 1%*2

Micropthalmia 1 <1%
PennHIP > 50% 19


Squamous Cell Carcinoma 1*1


PennHIP < 50% 1 (40%)

< 1%*2

Cardiac normal (echocardiogram) 7 3%
CERF normal 21


Cardiac abnormal (echo) 1


CERF other 0




Total number of puppies equals 240.  Total number of reported problems equals 23 (10 %).  Total number of reported problems of known genetic (heritable) diseases in poodles equals 13 (percentage equals 6%, removing the 2 NE puppies, number of puppies with heritable diseases is 10, or 4%).  Not included are: allergic dermatitis, adult renal disease, lupus, and micropthalmia, which have not been characterized as having a genetic basis in poodles as far as we are aware at this time.  Of the 240 puppies, 3 have died prematurely due to their genetic condition(s), one of which died at 1 day of age (NE) and one at 4 weeks of age (NE), for a total of 1%.  The third puppy passed away at 2 years of age from complications involving Addison's disease.  Of the 23 puppies with reported problems, 6 (3%) puppies were sired by the same dog (not from Tivin), 4 with one bitch, and 2 with another bitch.  The puppies which died from NE occurred before there was a DNA test for the disease, therefore, we will no longer be producing this problem in the future as we will test all our breeding stock.  The percentages listed in the columns next to each genetic condition reflects dogs which were actually tested and reported back to me either through telephone conversation or email.  One report - the SA subclinical puppy - was noted in an online report from OFA - the owner never directly contacted Dr. Scruggs with the information, neither was a repeat test allowed to be performed by Dr. Scruggs.

**Tivin Standards has not produced this number of puppies in our home.  This number reflects puppies sired by Tivin dogs as well, therefore many puppies were born under other kennel names.

*this puppy was diagnosed with renal insufficiency secondary to Lyme disease

*1 this dog is Haeley, a foundation bitch purchased outside of Tivin.  She is not included in the genetic problems number as she is not a progeny of Tivin Poodles.  Haeley also has a mild form of epilepsy, and the two epileptic reports are her progeny.

*2 this is the same individual - a puppy that scored 40% for PennHIP and showed mild dysplasia on radiographs over 3 years of age,  although there are no clinical signs of DJD at this time. This individual is Tivin True Colours.


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