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Ch Tivin Angel in D'Skies at Lauris

(Ch Majessa Alias James Bond x Ch Tivin Spirit In The Sky)

Date of birth: July 9, 2002

Date of death: June 27, 2005
Nadya is Lucy's litter sister and owned by Danielle and Derrick Pesko of Lauris poodles.  She won her first major at 9 months owner-handled by Danielle, and finished her title with consecutive 4 point majors and 2 BOV wins over specials.  Danielle continued showing her for several months, garnering BOV wins.  She is the mother of Djinni, Christian, Venus and Loki, and passed on her sweetness and zest for life to all her children.

Genetic testing :   PennHIP 70%, SA normal, vWD normal, thyroid normal, CERF normal

Health issues: 

Episode of bloat on June 25, 2005.  Survived surgery for decompression and gastropexy of the stomach (not performed by Dr. Scruggs).  Complications from the surgery resulted in dehiscence of the surgical site and death from severe infection and peritonitis two days later.  We mourn the loss of Nadya, who was a bright and shining star, and is dearly missed.



Progeny data:

Number of litters 1 SA normal 2
Number of sires 1 SA equivocal/subclinical 0
Number of puppies 7 SA affected 0
Number of males 5 Bloat 0
Number of females 2 Entropian 0
Black puppies 3 Epilepsy 0
Cream or white puppies 4 Allergic dermatitis 0
American Champions 1 Addison's disease 0
Canadian Champions 0 Cushing's disease 0
Performance titles 0 Autoimmune thyroiditis 0
OFA Excellent 0 Juvenile renal disease 0
OFA Good 2 vWD 0
OFA Fair 0 Cryptorchid males 0
Dysplastic (DJD) 0 Progressive retinal atrophy 0
PennHIP > 50% 2 Patent ductus arteriosis 0
PennHIP < 50% 0 Neonatal encephalopathy 1*
CERF normal 1 Lupus 0
CERF other 0 Micropthalmia 0
    Cardiac normal (echocardiogram) 1
    Cardiac abnormal (echo) 0

* a black boy died within 4 weeks of age and never developed normally to begin with - there was no necropsy performed but symptoms may indicate neonatal encephalopathy.  The DNA test for NE was not available at the time of breeding.

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