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Tivin puppies are very special.  We believe in breeding the best, and breeding only when we are able to spend the time necessary to raise each special litter.  Therefore, we only breed one or two litters per year.  Each litter is well planned, with pedigree analysis, genetic testing, and time commitment thought out in advance.  We do not plan a litter of puppies until we know we have the time and love available to each and every puppy that is born. 

We believe in standing behind every puppy, and want to know how each and every one is doing throughout their lifetime.  While we plan each breeding based on what we are looking for in the conformation ring, we know that the majority of the litter is not going to be living with us.  Therefore we breed for type, temperament, and health, aiming for the perfect pet as well as that conformation champion we desire.  We believe that puppies deserve to have that special love in a family home as much as they deserve to strut their stuff in front of the judges. 

Our puppies are born in our home, raised with our twin boys, and socialized every day from the day they are born.  Our puppies are our pride and joy, our future, our hope for that special bond between people and canines.  We health test the parents of our puppies for genetic diseases including SA, hips, eyes, vWD, NE DNA, DM DNA, cardiac, and thyroid.  We strive to produce healthy puppies which do not inherit Addison's, epilepsy, etc. diseases which may be present in the poodle population.  Understanding that puppies, like people, are living creatures, and as such may present with health problems which were unpredictable.  In the event that one of our puppies inherits a genetic problem, we want to avoid reproducing said problem, and support the family which has to deal with the problem.  Tivin Standards strongly supports communication between us and our puppy buyers.  If you adopt one of our puppies, you are family. 

All of the Tivin puppies are adopted at a minimum of eight to nine weeks of age.  Tivin puppies are vaccinated at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age, and receive rabies vaccine at 20 weeks of age or older.  Anyone purchasing a Tivin puppy is welcome to return to Dr. Scruggs for the completion of puppy vaccines at a 20% discount and no office visit fee.  After puppy vaccines, Dr. Scruggs encourages families to seek out a veterinarian in their area for health care, although she is always available for advice.  Tivin puppies are also microchipped with Home Again microchips, and all puppies go home with booklets which contain the pedigree, pictures of the sire and dam, health testing on both sire and dam, puppy pictures, and articles on health, performance, nutrition, and the poodle standard.  Puppies also go home with a care package including food, collar and leash, toys, heartworm prevention, flea and tick control, and chew articles.  All Tivin puppies which are adopted as pets are required to be spayed or neutered.  Very rarely will we sell a puppy as a show prospect, and only when we feel that the owner is as dedicated to showing and preserving the standard poodle breed as we are.  Currently, Tivin pet puppies are priced at $2800, which is a bargain considering the time and care which is spent on each puppy and the continued advice and consultation available from Dr. Scruggs for the lifetime of that puppy.  Please feel free to email us with any questions, or to request information on an upcoming litter.

Gracie is expecting a litter of 7 puppies due July 4, 2016. Fireworks for sure will be seen at Tivin Standards! Puppies will be ready to go home in late August/early September.  Black or white/cream puppies are expected.  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please fill out the informational form (questionnaire below), and give us a call for a chat at (860) 739-2161.

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Sire - Can Ch Lauris Tivin River of Dreams

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Dam - U- Ch Tivin Poetry in Motion

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