Tivin Standard Poodles

A Higher Standard of Excellence

Ch Tivin Rainbow Skye

(Ch Unique Reach for the Rainbow x Ch Tivin Spirit In The Sky)

Date of birth: May 12, 2000

Skye is the mother of Gabriel, our top winning dog at Tivin.  She won her first major as a puppy and finished her title with a major win her first weekend out in Open trim.  She enjoys life to the fullest and still acts like a puppy at nearly 9 years of age.  She is now lives with Rachel, Brooke and Tanner in Pennsylvania, and loves her life of leisure as a retired show dog.

Genetic testing :   PennHIP 70%,  OFA Good, SA normal, vWD normal, thyroid normal, CERF normal

Health issues:


Progeny data: 

Number of litters 2 SA normal 2
Number of sires 2 SA equivocal/subclinical 1*
Number of puppies 12 SA affected 0
Number of males 6 Bloat 0
Number of females 6 Entropian 0
Black  puppies 3 Epilepsy 0
Blue puppies 1 Allergic dermatitis 0
Cream or white puppies 8 Addison's disease 0
American Champions 1 Cushing's disease 0
Canadian Champions 2 Autoimmune thyroiditis 0
Performance titles 0 Juvenile renal disease 0
OFA Excellent 0 vWD 0
OFA Good 2 Cryptorchid males 0
OFA Fair 0 Progressive retinal atrophy 0
Dysplastic (DJD) 1 (mild, no clinical signs)*1 Patent ductus arteriosis 0
PennHIP > 50% 2 Neonatal encephalopathy 0
PennHIP < 50% 1 (40%)*1 Lupus 0
CERF normal 3 Micropthalmia 0
CERF other 0 Cardiac normal (echocardiogram) 1
    Cardiac abnormal (echo) 0

* this puppy has never shown clinical signs of SA.  Her testing was never allowed to be independently confirmed by Dr. Scruggs.  The sire of this litter has never produced an SA puppy other than this one (according to the owner of the sire and he has been bred enough that statistically it would be expected to have revealed more SA cases).  The test result is questionable as to reliability, however we are including this result in our database for full disclosure.

*1this puppy is Tivin True Colours.  She has radiographic signs of DJD, with slight remodeling of the femoral head of one of her hips.  She has no clinical signs and will likely never have need of anything beyond medical management with chondroprotectants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, etc.  DJD is considered a multifactorial disease, with genetics, nutrition, and environmental influences all playing a role in its development.  The DJD puppy and PennHIP 40% puppy are the same individual. The rest of the puppies in the litter had normal hips with OFA good ratings for those who were tested.  The sire of the litter had an OFA fair rating.

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