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The pictures below are the Talbot family members and one visitor, Serra.

Leah, the eldest of the household, rules the roost as the lady of the house should!  Gideon, Ch Tivin Calling All Angels, lived life to the fullest, and loved his brother Nathan (a wannabe poodle) and sister Leah.

While Nathan has never managed to grow a poodle coat, and poodles don't come in brindle, you can see that he has no problem being part of the poodle pack!  Leah is the daughter of Callie and half sister to Serra.  A special thank you to Sandy and Doug for their friendship over the years - look for us at dog shows together!

2009 update - Micah (Tivin Into the Night) is the newest member of the Talbot household.  Sandy and Chris will be showing him together for his conformation title.


Ch Alias Tivin Colour Adjustment, CDX, RAE, AgNS, AgNJS, CGN, ADC lives in Canada with her owner Linda Propp.  Jillian is pursuing an obedience career and agility career and doing an awesome job!  Congratulations Linda and Jillian!


These are pictures of Gioia and her Portuguese Water Dog family, owned by the Griswolds.


Gioia is litter sister to Tivin Fly By Night, now known as Henry, and is beginning obedience training with possible agility classes in the future.  Pictured with her are Poppy and Major.  As you can see, she's full of fun!


Not to be outdone in the fun department, pictured below is "Lulu", owned by

Amy and Ian, who are soon to be expecting a baby girl (human this time). Congratulations!  Lulu enjoys napping in the sunlight, as well as going back to her hunting roots with her Brittany friends.

Lulu with dad and her baby sister - she is a great big sis!


Chris and Dave Scruggs wish to acknowledge Danielle and Derrick Pesko of Lauris Standard Poodles in their love for the breed, and their special bond with Ch Tivin Angel In D'Skies At Lauris, "Nadya", who passed away unexpectedly.  She was a bright and beautiful girl, and is missed each and every day.  Her legacy lives on in her children, including Djinni and Christian.


Half-sister to Tivin Lauris Magic Power, on her father's side, this stunning white girl lives in Australia with her owner and breeder, Jacqui Mcleay of Kirada Poodles.  Aptly named Pebbles, aka Australian Ch Kirada Dancin With Myself, we will be following her career closely, and continue to cheer on those Bam Bam kids!

Congratulations to Jacqui and Pebbles on attaining her Australian Championship!



Daughter to Dianna, Jill is a very sweet girl as well as a service dog to her family, and a valued family member.  Living with the Krewskys, she is soon to be getting a "brother" (although she is really the puppy's aunt) from the spring 2006 litter.
This is Jill's new brother, Jack, at 7 weeks.  He is the newest member of the Krewsky family, and is learning agility and obedience with his human brother, Kyle.  Jack and Jill are pictured lounging together with Jack all grown up!



Jamie and Cassie, living in sunny California, are the pride and joy of Sally Duff.

Jamie is one of the third generation from Tivin Standards, a sweet boy with a beautiful face, long legs, and boyish, happy-go-lucky personality.


This special little girl is the daughter of Dianna and was born in July, 2002.

Ruby loves to get in trouble and keeps her family on their toes along with smiles on their faces.

We receive periodic reports on her progress, as well as her antics, and love to hear about her clowning around!  She lives in NY with the Arundale family who tell me she has to "be at least a bit naughty every day" - sounds like a typical Tivin baby!


Tanner and Brooke have grown up together and live in Pennsylvania.  Tanner was litter brother to our Dianna, and just as fun loving and mischievous.  While Dianna is highly suspicious of any new foodstuff, Tanner would eat anything not nailed down (his favorites include balloons, socks, and a black and white bathing cap).

Tanner's mom, Rachel, says it was quite interesting to live with him and she and the rest of the family absolutely adored him.  Tanner turned 11 in 2009 and sadly passed away from cancer a week after his birthday.  Tanner is dearly missed and was a most special boy.  His housemate Skye has a new sister, Molly, a rescued mix breed who keeps Skye from being too sad over losing her best friend.  Click here for a link to Skye's individual page.


This little girl is from one of the early Tivin litters.  Living in Pennsylvania, with her

family, Kindle and Ann, little miss Natalie is full of fun and adventure.  As you can see she is a true "snow dog" and doesn't think twice about staring down even the most stubborn of animals!

Sadly, Natalie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We would like to express our sorrow at the loss of this sweet girl.  She will be dearly missed. Now Natalie's owners each have a new Tivin puppy - Nube and Leia from Gabriel and Djinni's 2007 litter live with Ann and Kindle, respectively.  Look for updates on their stories on page two of the Tivin families section!


 All of us at Tivin would like to express our sorrow at the loss of Baloo in 2007, a sweet and gentle soul.  His housemate Charley, a son of Gabriel and Lucy, had only a brief time to learn from a great teacher on how to be the best furry family member.  Baloo and Charley are loved by Terry, Jordana, and their family in New York.

Charley now has a new sister, Olive, from Gabriel and Lucy's second litter, born on Leap Day in 2008!

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