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Tivin Families - page 2

This is Marge and Tony with their new baby Maggie Too.  Maggie is from the litter born on February 17, 2007 out of Djinni sired by Gideon.

As you can see, Maggie is absolutely gorgeous and a sweetheart to boot!
Maggie's first birthday and pics on the beach in Mexico!

Maggie and Marge competing in the rain!



This is Maggie's brother Bodie.  He lives in CT with the Cordes family and is as handsome as is sisters are beautiful.  Fun loving and active, this boy is very special and loves to play.

2009 pictures Bodie, nearly 2.5 years old - time flies!  What a gorgeous boy.


Percival is the cream brother to Maggie and Bodie and as you can see he loves cats!  He lives in Maine and is a cuddly and handsome boy.


This is our baby boy Jude, Am Can Ch Tivin Kaylen Time Eternal, who now lives in northern CT with the Cooper family. Jude is living the high life, hanging out by the pool, and learning how great it is to be an only child for once in his life!  Click here for a link to his individual information page.


Here is George, the newest member of the Mortman Family, living in northeastern Connecticut. George is part of an active and happy family that includes other poodles and family members and he fits right in! 
George is brother to our Connor and Caitlyn and was born in October, 2007.  As you can see he is very spoiled (as a poodle should be) and loving every minute of it!  George is also going to be trained as a therapy dog and has shown great sensitivity and gentleness even as a young puppy.  George now has his mom, Djinni living with him and Luke!***FLASH - George becomes certified as a Therapy Dog through the Good Dog Foundation - Congratulations George and Family!!!***

Djinni in Dad's lap with Luke and George looking on


Mom and Djinni

George watching TV

More TV


Jewel decided the show ring was not for her, and she went to live with the Dunakin family and live the life of leisure.  She makes new friends everywhere she goes, loves children and other dogs, and generally enjoys life to the fullest!  Jewel is now the sister of twin boys!


This is Nube (pronounced nu-bey which means cloud in Spanish), brother to George seen above.  He is living with his new mom and dad in Delaware and loving every minute of it! 

The results of playing with a Labrador!

Watching TV like his dad Gabriel - Westminster is a favorite!

Christmas with Dad

In training for frisbee competition...

As you can see, he loves to play hard (and get really dirty!) and loves to watch television just like his sire Gabriel.  He is fun loving and active, a joy to have in the family.  We look forward to lots of updates and pictures in the future.


Below are pictures of Tango Dewitz and his best pal Rudy.  Tango is a gorgeous cream boy born in 2006 who loves to play and brightens the lives of the Dewitz family.  Another sweet poodle from Tivin!


To the left is Louis as a new member of the Root family - loves the girls!  And to the right is Louis in his new hairdo (see him on the puppy page from the 2009 litter out of Lucy).  Louis loves his family and has a great time playing with the children and running in the yard.  Such a special boy!


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