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Tivin Ladies

The ladies are the foundation of any good breeding program.  Producing quality, being a good mother, and passing on exemplary genes to the next generation are all important in a brood bitch.  The ladies pictured below have all been or will be a part of the Tivin breeding program.  Haeley lived with us in southeastern Connecticut, while Dianna is 11 years old and boss of everyone now that her mother has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Jenna lived her life out in Pennsylvania with a retired grandmother. Skye also moved to Pennsylvania to live with the Weil family (seen in the Tivin Families section).  Lucy now lives on a farm with her best friend Carol, and makes sure the sheep, goats and horses all toe the line!  Djinni shares the house with the Mortmans, and two other standards, including her son George.  Halo and Nadya are part of the Lauris family.  Venus is sister to Djinni, and lives with Cheryl of Lauramar.   Caitlyn is now sleeping on the bed with the Tivin gang.  Click on their pictures for a link to their individual web pages.






Callie Lucy Halo Nadya

Djinni Venus Caitlyn Lyla
Charo Shea Skylar Gracie


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